Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should be personal, so we need to know you to do that. Join the lab and get to know the group. If you need a letter, get a meeting with me (don't email and ask - ask face-to-face, even if virtually).

Schedule A Meeting

Once an agreement is made:

  1. Send me reminders (via email): 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 2 days, and the day the letter is due
  2. Where am I sending the letter? If you are applying to programs in CSDCAS and/or outside of the CSDCAS system, please let me know in the email reminders. If you are applying outside the CSDCAS system, please create a spreadsheet with links and contacts to the universities and programs
  3. Highlights: If there is anything you would like me to highlight in your letter (e.g., the number of extra-curricular activities, specific strengths in light of potential weaknesses, or interest in research), please also indicate that in the email reminder you send me.
You all are amazing students and I want to make sure I am able to brag about you to your prospective grad programs! Help me do that!