If you need to get a meeting with me, kindly schedule an appointment with me through Microsoft Bookings. Upon registration, the event will seamlessly integrate into your calendar (depending on the email selected). A Teams link will be generated for the scheduled event. Additionally, feel free to reach out to me via Slack (an instant/direct messaging app), as it's the quickest and most convenient mode of communication.

To schedule a meeting with me, you don't need to email for an appointment. Simply follow the instructions provided above.

Educational Psychology/Learning Sciences
You likely require assistance with your study plan. Before scheduling a meeting with me or reaching out to me via Slack (not email), follow these steps:
  • Locate your plan of study for your degree on the main degree page - usually located at the bottom right corner of the page (EPSY MA; LRNS MA; LRNS PhD)
  • Log in to Flashline and the GPS tracker to locate classes and their typical offerings
  • Arrange a meeting with me to review your study plan - you do not need to message me for a meeting, sign up. Instructions are above.
  • Find the Plan of Study form link on the EHHS Forms page for my signature