Reasons to become a Research Assistant

  • General interest in research

  • Need extracurricular experience

  • Learn about how we communicate

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Make friends

  • Travel & Conferences

Letter of Recommendation Instructions

Letters of recommendation should be personal, so we need to know you to do that. Join the lab and get to know the group. If you need a letter, get a meeting with me (don't email and ask - ask face-to-face, even if virtually).

  • Once an agreement is made:
  • Send me reminders (via email): 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 2 days, and the day the letter is due
  • Where am I sending the letter? If you are applying to programs in CSDCAS and/or outside of the CSDCAS system, please let me know in the email reminders. If you are applying outside the CSDCAS system, please create a spreadsheet with links and contacts to the universities and programs
  • Highlights: If there is anything you would like me to highlight in your letter (e.g., the number of extra-curricular activities, specific strengths in light of potential weaknesses, or interest in research), please also indicate that in the email reminder you send me.

You all are amazing students and I want to make sure I am able to brag about you to your prospective grad programs! Help me do that!